Earth Realm Affiliate


Hi there!

If you’re here, it’s probably because you have either decided, or are thinking of becoming an Earth Realm affiliate, and so I want to extend a warm welcome to you! I am super excited to have you partner with us! I hope that you are feeling confident that you have chosen a company that represents something you can be proud of and be passionate about!
  Here is some basic info about who we are and what we value here at Earth Realm:
We are a small company started by yours truly. We are passionate about...
 +Good manufacturing practices
Each item is handcrafted in small batches with every ingredient carefully studied and selected. All of our products are marked with batch dates and numbers so customers have the full assurance that their product is fresh and high quality.
All of our products are vegan (with the exception of silk used in a few products), cruelty-free, and always tested on friends and family and never on critters! Every ingredient is selected with priority given to sustainability. All of our packaging is recyclable and/or reusable.
+Fuss free/multi-use
Many of our products are designed to be easy, on-the-go, and multi-use (without skimping on the quality or luxury!) At Earth Realm, we believe your beauty products should be as free spirited as your heart.
Now that you know a bit more about us, here is some other important info for you as a potential Earth Realm affiliate:
  Upon signing up with us, you will be given a unique discount code to offer. This code will give your followers/friends/family, etc. 20% off their purchases. In addition, each time this code is used, you will receive 25% of that sale (payments are currently handled via Paypal). You must have a Paypal account to take advantage of any of the other paid content opportunities (listed below). You will receive a welcome email once you have signed on with us where you can give us your PayPal info. All payments will be given out at the end of every month. 
  A note on paid content opportunities:
+ We will over time be paying extra amounts for certain types of content. Currently, we are looking for the following:
- Video tutorials of you (or others) using the products/showing how they work, etc. Videos must be high quality and must be attractive in appearance (good lighting, nice background, etc.) For each video, we will pay $75 per video (maximum of 2 videos per month needed). Videos must also be approved by myself before payment is ensured. 
- High quality, styled photo shoots of our products (ideally between 5-10 high quality images that are consistent with our brand and image). $50 per shoot. Photos must be approved by myself before payment is ensured. 
- Instagram takeovers: Take over the Earth Realm insta feed for a day! Show off your face, your ideas and creativity with our followers via Insta Live, stories and through the feed so they can get to know our team a little better! $100 per Insta takeover (once per season).
+We also occasionally need people to run craft shows, markets, etc.(only
an option for affiliates located in the GTA). I will send out an email when a craft show date is approaching, if you are free to work on the particular day and are interested, you can let me know. Your job would be to 
1) Set up the table at the market or craft show
2) Manage the table for the day and handle all sales
3) Disassemble the table at the end of the day and pack up any remaining products/collect the cash box, etc.
  Your payment for this would be 50% of all the sales of that day PLUS an additional $150 for travel expenses. It's a great opportunity to practice sales skills, mingle with customers and other sellers, and make some money!
  I think that's all for now, once you are part of the team, I will be in touch with all team members at the start of every season to fill in and sync our calendars, plan out promotions, and give updates.  You can expect to receive 2 free products upon sign up and 1 free product per season going forward (minimum of 3 sales per season to qualify for ongoing free products). Of course, you are free and encouraged to use the affiliate coupon code to purchase any other products you may be interested in trying at 50% off (only available for affiliates
 We are just getting started on this journey with our new team and so if you know anyone that you think would be a good addition to the team, feel free to let me know! I am also open to marketing suggestions and any other ideas you may have or feel inspired about! I truly want us to feel like a little family, and I am so happy to have you partner with us!
x Kristin
Creator of Earth Realm