Silky dusting powders

Silky dusting powders

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The million dollar question...what do dusting powders do? 

Well, really, what don't they do? 

Dusting powders are amazing as all natural deodorants and great any time excess moisture needs to be absorbed. Our dusting  powders feature  the silky softness of  arrowroot powder, the drying effect of absorbent kaolin clay and the deodorizing freshness of baking soda. Our powders come in four variations:


The Natural

This powder is for those fuss free, no -nonsense types. It features our basic blend of arrowroot powder, kaolin clay and baking soda and nothing more. No scents or fragrances make for a simple absorbent powder with no extra bells or whistles. 


Lavenders Blue

Our basic blend of arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, and baking soda with silk peptides added for extra silkiness and lavender essential oil added for a clean, fresh scent. 


Clean, Mean Green Machine

This powder features our basic blend (arrowroot, kaolin and baking soda) with French green clay, tea tree oil and eucalyptus for a mega punch of freshness. 


Mint Hint

Our basic blend of arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, and baking soda with organic peppermint essential oil added for a refreshing fragrance.



A silky blend of arrowroot and silk with grated cocoa butter. Kaolin clay absorbs moisture whole baking soda refreshes. Mild rose fragrance. 

Ideal uses for our dusting powders :

- Add to socks , shoes and sandals for odor control and absorbency

- Use in place of other toxic deodorants 

- Under boob ladies, nuff said. 

- "Those" areas, nuff said. 

- Dry shampoo 

The possibilities are endless , and who are we to tell you no if you think of another use? 


Arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, sodium bicarbonate, French green clay (only in Clean, Mean Green Machine), silk peptides (only in Lavenders Blue), essential oils (in all except The Natural)

Our Dusting Powders are packaged in 4 oz recycled paper cartons with sifter tops for easy sprinkling. 

Free shipping on all orders within Canada and the US that are over $100. Always. 


Vegan- No animal testing or animal products used!

All natural

Non toxic

No chemicals, parabens, synthetics, fragrances or dyes

Handcrafted in Canada 


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